Embrace the Suck

Have you ever had a big dream crumble into dust? I’ve actually had several huge life dreams with years of investment blow up in my face, but the Ironman was the one that hurt in a particularly painful way because it depended solely on me. (It’s also a lot [...]

Ironman or Bust… Was a Bust

September 21, 2014.

That was supposed to be the day I ran my first Ironman in Lake Tahoe. For those who followed that race, it was cancelled at the last moment due to wildfire smoke. However, I had already cancelled my entry a few months prior due to my doctor’s [...]

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    My Fall from Pace: Top 10 Exercise Motivation Busters and How to Bounce Back

My Fall from Pace: Top 10 Exercise Motivation Busters and How to Bounce Back

Are some people born with extra doses of motivation? We may ask ourselves this when we see marathon runners log 100-mile weeks and pass us in races like we are statues.


It’s easy to think, “Well, they just have that extra motivational gene. It just comes naturally for them to [...]

What Have I Done?

Do you do things that scare you? I mean, do you chase down things that absolutely leave you trembling in a puddle of your own bodily fluids? Do you brilliantly and sadistically take actions that go against all common sense and instinctual preservation?

That’s what I’ve done…

Apparently, for [...]

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Why Start Another Fitness Site?

It’s a fair question. After all, there are about a bazillion of them. To be totally transparent, because this one will make me become a better person. This one is mine. I wanted a site to hold myself accountable to my racing dreams as well as to inspire others [...]

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