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  1. Triathletes make a sport from indecision! If you can’t choose one, just do all three!
  2. A triathlete knows how to spit or blow snot perfectly with good aim and distance – even against the wind!
  3. Triathletes are great friends to have around if you are scheduling a drowning episode.
  4. Triathletes can even make onesies look sexy!
  5. They will “tri” anything!
  6. They pile up toxic clothes in a corner because they are too stinky to put in with relatively “clean” dirty clothes.
  7. Triathletes don’t gripe about getting rained on! They start out every race completely soaked anyway.
  8. Triathletes don’t  wear makeup or perfume to workouts. They plan on actually sweating!
  9. Helmet hair happens! Triathletes don’t care!
  10. Triathletes aren’t fussy! After all, they are completely comfortable eliminating in nature.
  11. In a zombie apocalypse, triathletes can do a food run and stay well ahead of the walking dead!
  12. Triathletes can change faster than Superman… without the phone booth!
  13. Triathletes can get stung by a jelly fish and obtain road rash in the same race. That’s talent!
  14. Training for 5+ hours per day is not considered looney-bin justification – just normal dedication.
  15. Because running a marathon isn’t challenging enough, Ironman triathletes make it their cool down!
  16. Triathletes can pull off shoes so bright, you need shades!
  17. Matching is not always mandatory, but when attempted, you’d better coordinate with your bike colors!
  18. Triathletes can literally eat on the run! Also, they are perfect invitees to help you polish of cookie dough.
  19. Losing a toenail is considered a right of passage, and blisters are badges of honor!
  20. Triathletes won’t ask if their jeans make them look fat. They already know they look awesome!

So, go give a triathlete some love today!