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Embrace the Suck

Have you ever had a big dream crumble into dust? I’ve actually had several huge life dreams with years of investment blow up in my face, but the Ironman was the one that hurt in a particularly painful way because it depended solely on me. (It’s also a lot [...]

Ironman or Bust… Was a Bust

September 21, 2014.

That was supposed to be the day I ran my first Ironman in Lake Tahoe. For those who followed that race, it was cancelled at the last moment due to wildfire smoke. However, I had already cancelled my entry a few months prior due to my doctor’s [...]

What Have I Done?

Do you do things that scare you? I mean, do you chase down things that absolutely leave you trembling in a puddle of your own bodily fluids? Do you brilliantly and sadistically take actions that go against all common sense and instinctual preservation?

That’s what I’ve done…

Apparently, for [...]

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Why Start Another Fitness Site?

It’s a fair question. After all, there are about a bazillion of them. To be totally transparent, because this one will make me become a better person. This one is mine. I wanted a site to hold myself accountable to my racing dreams as well as to inspire others [...]

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