Do you do things that scare you? I mean, do you chase down things that absolutely leave you trembling in a puddle of your own bodily fluids? Do you brilliantly and sadistically take actions that go against all common sense and instinctual preservation?


That’s what I’ve done…


Apparently, for me, conquering my first full Ironman wasn’t enough. Incomprehensibly, for my first Ironman, I’ve decided on a race that has arguably one of the toughest bike courses in the US. I mean, I have to climb to an altitude of 7,200 feet, and then fly straight downhill for three miles reaching speeds of 40 mph. And, since the course is on a loop, I get to do this TWICE… at high altitude.


This dreaded bike course, along with terrible weather, was the main reason 20% of the participants did not finish last year.


Oh, and did I mention that biking was my weakest event? Yeah… genius choice of races, I know.


I’ve chosen Ironman Lake Tahoe.


Why? Because I’m cheap. Great reason, I know…


Not that the race is cheap. Like all Ironman races, it’s quite expensive. But, this is my best bet to avoid a plane ticket. Let me explain…


You see, this is going to be a weird year for me. I’m leaving Grenada, West Indies after living on this tiny Caribbean island for the past two years. My husband and I will then set up shop for the next five months in Arkansas with family while he studies and takes his medical boards. I plan to train my little hiney off and write to earn a living while my hubby keeps his nose in the books. Then, with just a bit over four weeks notice, the medical school will send us to four possible hospital locations scattered all over our great country for his rotations. We may have some miniscule input into where we spend the next two years (they let us fill out a very official-looking request form), but ultimately, our fate lies in the hands of incognito suits in New York.


And, being the incredibly optimistic person that I am, I have decided that since I can’t plan on living in four places, I will just chose our first choice and plan our lives around the fact that we will be sent there. You know, because life always works out like you plan.


Our first choice was a hospital in sunny California. And, since the only race close to where we will be living during that timeframe is the Lake Tahoe Ironman, naturally it made perfect sense to throw away all other logic except logistics and follow the realtor’s mindset of “location, location, location!”


Now, this will all backfire in my face if we get sent to New York, but until that happens I will plug my ears and hum when anyone mentions the east coast.


 So it begins…


This means that I have nine months to turn myself into some kind of athlete that can finish Ironman Lake Tahoe. I mean, if we humans can develop from a bunch of microscopic cells into a fully complicated bundle of joy in that amount of time, there is hope that I can be turned from a sluggish wanna-be racer into an Ironman athlete in the same time frame too, right?


If being scared to the point of petrification is a good motivator for training… I’m certainly there. Time will tell if this is a big enough challenge to change me into the athlete of my dreams, or be one of my biggest public failures.


So grab the popcorn folks! The road to Ironman Lake Tahoe begins… now!


Proof that I have reached the point of no return... if I want a refund that is!

Proof that I have reached the point of no return… if I want a refund that is!


What about you? Have you ever taken on a challenge that gave your goosebumps goosebumps? If so, I want to hear from you! What happened? Was your daring drama one of your biggest successes or your most epic failure?

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