It’s a fair question. After all, there are about a bazillion of them. To be totally transparent, because this one will make me become a better person. This one is mine. I wanted a site to hold myself accountable to my racing dreams as well as to inspire others to achieve their own fitness goals.

So Why Fit N Faster?

I wanted something out there that propelled people to become fit, regardless of any competitive events in their future. There are people who love to run through meadows and raindrops, and that is enough for them. They workout for the tranquility of the experience. They sweat for the sweet taste of health that comes from a fit physique. I will give you great workouts to use just to stay strong, even if you aren’t training for a race.

I also wanted to create a site for those who want to get faster… no matter what your sport. I will focus on swimming, biking, and running, but the drills and concepts I plan to share can enhance any competitive endurance sport. I plan to utilize cross training, circuits, intervals, core exercises, weights, sprints, tempos, and endurance workouts to prepare to compete in my first full Ironman in August 2014. I have to get faster. If I don’t, I won’t finish my race. This site will not only chronicle my journey and hold me accountable, but I will share all the latest research I pour over with you to help you speed up your pace right along with me. I want to bring you value and challenge you as well, not just entertain you with my journey. I will share my training plans, diet, and training highs and lows. My hope is if you ever consider doing something crazy like racing an Ironman, then you can gain just a little bit of inspiration from my story. You will see that anyone can do this race if they just put in the time and training.

If you’re already training for your own race, please hit me up. I want to create a forum where I can reach out to more seasoned athletes and gain valuable insight. Triathletes are an awesome group of top-notch people who help newbies like me along. I’ve done plenty of shorter tris, a marathon, several half marathons, and numerous other road races. And, I’ve never been disappointed in the caliber of camaraderie I’ve felt from the pros.

I’m also a vegetarian who wades back and forth through vegan and raw vegan territory. However, the closer I get to my Ironman, the more rigid my diet will become. I believe in plant-based nutrition for optimum performance, and plan to share my favorite workout recipes and natural energy drinks and juices with my followers.

So, yeah, I’m sure there are other websites of vegetarian Ironman wannabees training in the Caribbean… or maybe I have the market cornered on that one! Either way, no one else has quite my take on the world, so you can count on at least being entertained! So follow along, pick up what things I throw out there that you find transferable to your health, and hold my feet to the fire these next twelve months as I prepare for the hardest race of my life!

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